4-8-15 Growing and Glowing

12/10/14 PD
Be aware - If you are having problems with Harmony (grade book), try opening Harmony within Chrome - let me know if a question regarding this.
Reflection - How is grade entering going within Harmony? Remember, we are 'live' and have an audience who can see updates/lack of updates within grade book.

Backchannel - Easy way to encourage ALL students to contribute to a lesson - Let's try it here!
Best practice math station strategies
Ellen Bates

Higher-Level Questioning/Vocabulary
Carrie Geheb

Writing strategies/Visual resources
Elyse Powlen

Higher-level thinking skills
Pam Minier

Emily Cree

Incorporate SB into daily instruction
Nancy Walker

Alternative Augmentation Communication
Nikki Zarse

Curating Healthy Habits
Cheryl Natterman

Art/Music Technologies
Penny Milligan
Becky Clouse

Student Engagement - Whole Brain
Jana Anderson
Gayle Conner
Abby Tolen

Questioning - Higher Level
Diane Edging
Tana Lehr

Writing - Primary
Ashley Hensler

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
Maryanna Selvidge
Heather Hooper
Austen Hensler

Differentiation in Mathematics
Sherri Conner
Jill Routt

Counseling Corner
Jeanine Newman

Robin Miller
Lori Schwarzkopf

Writing Across Curriculum
Tim Conner
Vicki Foster

6 Traits/Effective Writing
Dorothy Corrie
Sabrina King
Stephanie Lange
Jim Walker
Meeting Needs of Diverse Learners
Natalie Gouwens
Carla Mote

Melissa Gill
Math Problem Solving
Susan Kahler
Jody Peterson

Shidler's PD - Chroma Key & Photo Editing (Video)

DCES Professional Development



Evidence Ideas for PD

Staffers , Click here for Part B - Be sure to do ONE form per group; We are looking for evidence of growth......Follow the directions on the form.

Introduction to Blended and Online Teaching. This course provides an in-depth exploration of the foundational aspects of using technology in the classroom. Participants will learn about the SAMR model, digital citizenship, curation, digital tools, and more. Individuals who complete the course will have a strong understanding of why educators must shift their mindset in order to reach students in the 21st Century. Course 1 in the Connected Educator series.

Technology Integration 101. Once there is a firm understanding of the fundamental pedagogical differences between traditional and digital learning environments, it is possible to look at more

of the “nuts and bolts” topics that arise in a technology-rich setting. This course will provide practical tips and tricks that can be applied to your classroom immediately while providing resources to share with colleagues and other stakeholders. Hear first-hand from educators who have made the transition to a 1:1 environment. Participants will apply the content from each module to build a technology-infused lesson plan to take away when the course is finished. Topics addressed include digital learning standards, curriculum models that mesh with digital learning, management of a digital classroom, plans for absences, stakeholder education, and more! Course 2 in the Connected Educator series.

Digital Tools for Learning