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Student Engagement Resources (Reading) - Reading Horizon Edutopia Edutopia Resources NEA
Active Engagement Strategies (Comprehensive list)
Adding Rigor
What is rigor? Scaffolding thinking, planning for thinking, assessing thinking about content, recognizing the level of thinking students demonstrate, managing the teaching/learning level for the desired thinking level. What is rigor NOT? More or harder worksheets, AP or honors courses, the higher-level book in reading, more work, more homework.
Free Mind-Mapping Site: Coggle & Coggle Help
Explicit Vocabulary Instruction w/ Resources (Common Core Critical Vocabulary, Marzano's Six-Steps)
Research Paper & Report Writing Resources Report Writing Made Easy Resource
Literature Circles
Managing Learning Time in a Differentiated Classroom
Alternatives to Homework
Reading - Graphic Organizers & Engaging Activities During Reading
Checking for Understanding - Wonderful assortment of methods that can be used to assess students
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Literacy, Technology, Policy, etc.....a Blog
This is one of the book series that hooked me into reading.......what excites your students?

Building Toothpick Bridges

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